I learned silversmithing from my father, Bill deMatteo, in Williamsburg. I started out when I was about 10 years old. Dad learned from his father, a leading silversmith in New York. When he left his father's studio, he became the Master Silversmith at Colonial Williamsburg. In 1979, Dad, Phil Thorp and I started Hand & Hammer Silversmiths.

My father's talents were recognized by the American Institute of Architects which awarded him its Gold Medal. In 1975 he was the first American silversmith inducted into the Goldsmiths' Company in London.

Over the years, we've been commissioned to design and make presentation silver for every president since Kennedy, for whom Dad reproduced the famous Paul Revere lanterns to hang in the Oval Office. Presentation silver has been made for many foreign dignitaries as well.

Dad - Bill deMatteo
Granddad - William G. deMatteo
Deanie with the tea service made for Queen Elizabeth
Masters Tournament Trophy
Chip with his parents in Willamsburg
Rose bowl designed for Jimmy Carter
Paul Revere Lanterns crafted for John Kennedy
Winston Churchill carries the Bell made for him by Bill deMatteo