Thanks for coming to our old site. For now, our silver ornaments and jewelry are not available for sale. Soon, we will have new manufacturing and distribution and these designs will continue. Of course, all the Phi Beta Kappa items are always available on that site. (Link above) The transition has been slower than I expected and I'm sorry for the disappointment and inconvenience. We were busy here at Hand & Hammer making silver jewelry and ornaments for our customers. In the course of designing, casting, polishing and packaging our designs, it's fun to think about the people who will buy them. I know that every piece we made was bought by someone for themselves or as a gift, and we often wonder how many of our customers think about the folks who create the pieces they purchase. We hope our customers share our love for silver. Silver's legendary intrinsic value matters less to silver lovers than its beauty and amazing physical properties. Its unmatched conductivity of heat and electricity make it invaluable in industry and science and its incredibe workability makes it the perfect medium for the artist and craftsman.
- Chip deMatteo